CulumNATURA natural cosmetics
Natural cosmetics for the eco-hairstylist

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Natural cosmetics for the eco-hairstylist: cosmetics for men, hair care, skin care, hair brushes

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Since 1996 CULUMNATURA® stands for truly honest and truly natural cosmetics, which are distributed exclusively through professionals (Eco-hairstylist, skin and hair practitioners, beauticians).

Pure Nature

Our products are free from artificial colours and odoriferous substances, chemical emulsifiers as well as paraffin or paraffin derivatives. Additionally, every product shows a complete international and German ingredient declaration, so that you can see all substances at a glance.


Products of the skin and hair care range comply with the Austrian food law, section "Organic cosmetics”, and are certified accordingly. Annual testing of the state-approved certification body for organic products "Austria Bio Garantie” guarantees a high standard in organic cosmetics. For more information go to Certification.

The Building Block Principle

All products of the skin and hair care line can be mixed and combined with each other. By adding selected additives, the effectiveness of the products can be increased on the one hand; on the other hand, it makes adapting the products to individual skin and hair requirements possible. Moreover, it allows reacting flexibly to changing skin and hair care needs.


All eco-hairstylists and beauticians working with CULUMNATURA® products underwent intensive training in our CULUMNATURA®® seminars, which follow a holistic approach and reflect the human being in its entirety. In our seminars the participants learn how CULUMNATURA® products work and how to apply them. ( CULUMNATURA® seminars )

The CULUMNATURA® Team currently comprises 14 staff members and about 13 freelance trainers. At CULUMNATURA® we do not only talk about environment protection, naturalness and using no chemicals, we do it.